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Canvas Apps from scratch and exploring the camera control

I have started to explore Canvas Apps and my findings from it is about to be documented in three different blog posts. In the first one I gave some suggestions on how to get started with Canvas Apps, written from the angle that you come from the model-driven world. In this second blog post we will take a look at some basics when creating a Canvas App from scratch, such as adding the different parts we need and type in some basic formulas. We will also make use of the camera control, how exciting!

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How to make it from Model-Driven Apps to Canvas Apps

For someone coming from the Dynamics CRM/xRM world, Model-Driven Apps are easy to grasp. It simply contains the same concepts that we are already familiar with, such as Sitemap, Dashboards, Forms, Views, Charts etc. Canvas Apps on the other hand, might be a bit overwhelming at a first glance. I cannot say I am fully there yet, all comfortable drawing canvases and adding formulas, but at least I have started my journey into this new and exciting world. Now that I have learned a bit about it, I thought I could write down some of my findings.

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