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Coming together for Jonas Rapp!

In the latest episode of XrmToolCast, me and my fellow MVPs Gustaf Westerlund and Benedikt Bergmann come together with Daryl as Daryl’s guests, in order to do something for MVP Jonas Rapp, who is currently hospitalized. We talk about what has happened and we encourage the listeners to show their support (and appreciation) to Jonas by making a donation to his FetchXML Builder PayPal account. Jonas has helped so many people and has always been highly appreciated by me. It is time to show our support to Jonas!

Listen to the XrmToolCast episode here. It is also available on YouTube.

Coming together to support Jonas!

Show your support to Jonas Rapp!

If you want want to do like me and show your support to Jonas in this situation – join the FetchXML Builder Fan Club by making a donation here: If you are not able to donate, then we encourage you to either tell a short story about how his tools have helped you or if you are a developer and see some open tasks, improvement potentials etc. to his tools, then you might be able to help out with that.

Jonas has created a lot of XrmToolBox tools, but he has also been a speaker at many events. I had the pleasure to attend his session in Glasgow last year – Let’s Build a Responsive Canvas App.

At the Scottish Summit last year – after a totally awesome Responsive Canvas Apps demo!

I have a lot of stickers just waiting for me to put those on my PC, it is still all black. Perhaps it is time to finally start placing the stickers on my PC? I have these to start with. 😁 Should I place them all on my PC just to show my support to Jonas? 😊

Time to start decorating my PC?

Warmest wishes to Jonas and his family! ❤ Step by step stronger and better every day. We are here for you now and when you come back and I am sure you have a whole community backing you up and ready to support you in every possible way we can! ❤

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