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Demystifying dual-write

Lately I have been working with dual-write in different projects. In this post I will give an introduction to the subject from a technical perspective as well as functional and hopefully bring some clarity to what’s behind that magical door. Note that some parts of this post will be outdated when One Dynamics One Platform and unification of admin centers become reality. I will then update with a link to a new post.

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Power Platform

Power Platform Wave Reflections with ChatGPT

The release plans for 2023 Release Wave 1 were made available last week. I wrote about highlights from my perspective in my previous post. As I was writing, I came to think about product news from a broader perspective. How can you stay updated? Is it enough to read the release plans? Where else can you find out what’s new and coming? I asked the popular ChatGPT how to stay updated, read on and enjoy the answer I got together with my own thoughts about it!

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2023 Release Wave 1 Highlights

Today the Release Plans for 2023 Release Wave 1 were made available. This post highlights some of the features presented and we are going to focus on Dataverse, Power Apps, Power Automate and the cross app capabilities (Finance and Operations 💙 Dataverse). Many features might not comes as news to you, they might have been announced at a Microsoft event last year or even been documented in an earlier Release Plan. Take it for what it is, these plans can be revised and updated, see it as living documentation. Below are the features mentioned in this post. As usual, do take a look at the plans yourself, there are more to take in than what I cover here.

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10 highlights of 2022 Release Wave 2

How time flies! 2022 Release Wave 2 plans are already here. The Release Plans describe new functionality planned to be rolled out from October 2022 to March 2023. In this post I have picked 10 features that I want to highlight from the Power Platform release plan. Remember that the plans are living documentation, features can be added or removed and dates might change. It’s time to prepare for the wave and let the plans give you 💡 for future solutions!

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Microsoft Build, Power Platform

The Microsoft Build 2022 adventure

Microsoft Build took place May 24–26. In this post we will look at the Build announcements from a Power Platform perspective. I will also tell you about a new little adventure of mine, give you my thoughts around Microsoft events and why I think it is for YOU and we will make a short trip back to Build 2021. The featured image does not really tell the truth, of course I did not just register 😉 that was old news.

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What you might not know about FetchXML Builder

Recently MVP Jonas Rapp was invited by MVP Victor Dantas to the Zero to Hero show. The FetchXML Builder creator held the session FetchXML Builder from Zero to Hero. I listened in and afterwards I felt inspired to write this post to share a few tips and tricks that I had not used before.

I have been missing out and perhaps you have too?!

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Power Platform

Looking back at 2021 – News and Content gathering Edition

In my previous post I revisited moments from 2021 out of a Power Platform perspective. In this post I will look back at the collaborations I have had during the year. For me, these collaborations are like energy sources. Even though it takes time, I find myself enjoying gathering content, collaborating with others around news and content in general as well as uplifting other people and their work.

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Power Platform

Looking back at 2021 – Power Platform Edition

The year is coming to an end and it is time to take a moment and reflect on the year that has gone by. Features that are mentioned in this post are either General Available, in Public Preview or upcoming functionality. This is from my own perspective, looking back at some of the announcements that has been made as well as trends I have seen while working in Power Platform projects.

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Microsoft Ignite, Power Platform

Key Takeaways from Microsoft Ignite November 2021

It is the week of Microsoft Ignite. More than 90 new services and updates are being introduced! In this article, I will summarize the news that I picked up from the past two days, focusing on the news that caught my attention the most. In the Microsoft Ignite Book of News you get a summary of the announcements. Have a look at your areas of interest and you will get an overview of what’s available right after Ignite as well as what is coming.

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Power Platform

Skeletons in the closet – Power Platform Best Practices Edition

It’s the month of bats, pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons. MVP Alex Shlega launched a series of blog posts where he encouraged the community to reveal stories which might help others, with input what NOT to do in Power Platform deployments. You’ll find his first post here. Best Practices is something that I am a big advocate of. Consistency and maintainable solutions are hard to accomplish without it. If you are more than one person working with a solution you simply need a common way of working. In this blog post I will share some thoughts around the subject and I might also have one or two skeletons to dig out from the closet and bring to the Halloween party.

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