Microsoft Build, Power Platform

The Microsoft Build 2022 adventure

Microsoft Build took place May 24–26. In this post we will look at the Build announcements from a Power Platform perspective. I will also tell you about a new little adventure of mine, give you my thoughts around Microsoft events and why I think it is for YOU and we will make a short trip back to Build 2021. The featured image does not really tell the truth, of course I did not just register 😉 that was old news.

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Microsoft Build, Power Platform

Microsoft Build 2021 – 10 highlights from a Power Platform perspective

This week Microsoft Build was held and as usual there were lots of announcements. Some completely new features and glimpses of the future were introduced as well as some concepts that are being rebranded and “upgraded” to new levels. In this blog post I will share some highlights that I picked up. This is all from my own perspective, do read the MS Build BOOK OF NEWS. Throughout this post I will also give my tips about sessions to watch on-demand and Microsoft articles to dig into.

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