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What you might not know about FetchXML Builder

Recently MVP Jonas Rapp was invited by MVP Victor Dantas to the Zero to Hero show. The FetchXML Builder creator held the session FetchXML Builder from Zero to Hero. I listened in and afterwards I felt inspired to write this post to share a few tips and tricks that I had not used before.

I have been missing out and perhaps you have too?!

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Scottish Summit 2020 – Kilts, bagpipes and a new little ⭐

It was last year in October at Power Platform Saturday Sweden that I first heard of the Scottish Summit. Several people said to me that the Scottish Summit is going to be THE event of the year 2020. I heard that it was going to be huge and that it had this amazing list of speakers. Coming home and still having all that positive energy that came from the Swedish event, I knew that the Scottish Summit was the next event for me and I was very honoured to receive the news that I could attend as a speaker.

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