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Microsoft has got you covered #vitecherupp

I usually write blog posts which are meant to be useful no matter where you live. This blog post however is mostly meant to help out in Sweden and it is released together with 10 video recordings about how to get started with Power Apps. The video recordings are in Swedish as well. The background for this blog post and the videos is an initiative in Sweden called #vitecherupp.

Microsoft Sweden has got you covered

Swedish IT and Telecom Industries (IT&Telekomföretagen) is a member organization in Sweden – for all companies within the IT and telecom sector. Read about how they started the initiative #vitecherupp. They want all IT companies in Sweden to show examples of how IT and digital services and solutions can help to e.g. increase collaboration, productivity and the possibility to take the right decisions. By using the hashtag #vitecherup we can spread our word and knowledge for this purpose.    

Picture from https://www.itot.se/

Microsoft Sweden is responding to this and has put together a team to support their partners and other contacts in how they can contribute to all of this. Microsoft is already helping out globally, e.g. by providing certain licenses for free during 6 months. By responding to and taking part in #vitecherupp Microsoft Sweden inspires us all in how we together, non-profit, can help by contributing with our knowledge related to the Microsoft product and services, e.g. how to get started with collaboration tools and tools that enable more productivity.

I have recorded a series of videos where I explain how to get started with Power Apps. It is in Swedish simply because it is meant to be my personal contribution to #vitecherupp. You can find the Playlist here. There is also a new page where you can read more about my contribution.

Microsoft has got you covered globally

Microsoft has made a global response to the crisis we are currently in. You can read all about what Microsoft is doing here. One example is that you can now get a free Office 365 E1 offer for 6 months. There is also a ”Freemium version” of Teams, you can read more about that in the link I just provided.

There are new solutions from Microsoft “Healthcare Emergency Response Resource Tracking” and “Crisis Communications” as well as instructions and guidelines for how to build a Power Virtual Agents Crisis Response Bot. Read all about it here.

New solutions, templates and guidelines from Microsoft

In the release schedule for Dynamics 365 in the Release Wave 1 2020 you can read about how Microsoft helps out related to the Release Wave 1 2020. Microsoft has extended the Early Access Opt-in so that customers and partners have more time for verifying solutions before features get deployed starting in May. You can read the announcement here. One other important part also described in the announcement is that Microsoft has extended the timeline for the deprecation of the legacy web client to December.

There are several tips and tricks from Microsoft employees, e.g. how to manage to work from home with your lovely little kids in the background wanting your attention. I like number 5 in here – “Make the most of meeting time”. If you do not necessarily need to be in front of your computer for the meeting, you could for instance take a walk or take your kid somewhere nice, go and pick a flower.

The Community has got you covered

This heading belongs in this blog post as well. It is not only Microsoft that has got you covered. The Community has got you covered. It is wonderful to see what we can do together. There are actually wonderful people out there offering their help building apps right now with the purpose to help out in these times. As long as there is Community and dedicated people (and Microsoft supporting us), there is hope!

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