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Microsoft Power Platform Certifications Dos and Don’ts

For some time ago an opportunity came up to do a review of a new book written by MVP Julian Sharp. I took that opportunity and lots of good things came with it – one thing being inspiration for writing new blog posts. I will dedicate a whole future blog post to Julian’s book – stay tuned! Until then, I’ll tell you a bit about my experience from taking Microsoft certification exams. I have taken a few exams over the years. I am far from being a collector of Power Platform Certifications, but recently I took one (thanks to Julian I scheduled for the exam PL-200) and I consider that as a start. In the end of this blog post you’ll find information about my exam history. More importantly, here follows a vocabulary as well as some dos and don’ts from my perspective. This includes what certification exams to take, how to best prepare for exams and things you want to avoid.

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Microsoft Ignite highlights

This week the virtual event Microsoft Ignite was held. During Ignite we can expect announcements, demos and customer stories being told. I watched a few sessions and some of my colleagues wondered if I would write a summary about it so I thought I will do just that. In this blog post I will summarize the highlights for Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

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Coming together for Jonas Rapp!

In the latest episode of XrmToolCast, me and my fellow MVPs Gustaf Westerlund and Benedikt Bergmann come together with Daryl as Daryl’s guests, in order to do something for MVP Jonas Rapp, who is currently hospitalized. We talk about what has happened and we encourage the listeners to show their support (and appreciation) to Jonas by making a donation to his FetchXML Builder PayPal account. Jonas has helped so many people and has always been highly appreciated by me. It is time to show our support to Jonas!

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Introducing Power Wiki!

Today Power Wiki was launched. 🚀 What is Power Wiki? Power Wiki combines sources for Power Platform related content from Microsoft and from the Community. Search for a topic, get a quick overview and find out where you can go to get more inspiration and find the answers you need. Use the categories in order to find content relevant for you. Point your Power Platform newbie friends to the Glossary. Go to the xRM page and get nostalgic. ✨

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2021 Release Wave 1 – First impressions

The Release Wave 1 Release Plans are out! You find them here: Microsoft Power Platform 2021 release wave 1 plan and Dynamics 365 2021 release wave 1 plan. Don’t forget that some new features are made available as early access and there is an early opt-in option. Then features will roll out from April to September. Also remember to keep an eye on the change log chapters in the Release Plans. Features presented might me moved to a later wave or dates might change, new features might be added. As always, new features are either available by default or you will need to turn it on. I have created a new page here with general information about Release Waves if you want to read more about how it all works.

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Looking back at 2020 – The world got virtual and two types of t(T)eams were in the center of attention

The year is coming to an end and it is time to write a summary of what this year has been all about. Without a doubt this year will go down the history books, even though most of us would rather want to forget about it. At the end of this year I am grateful for what I have, starting with my health, my family and friends and their health. These things that matters the most, but most years we take it for granted. I am also grateful for having a job and for being a part this Community.

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What is Dataverse for Teams, when to use it and when not to?

A few weeks has passed since Microsoft Ignite and me and Amanda last spoke about our two worlds colliding. To refresh your mind; Amanda is working with productivity, collaboration and Microsoft 365 and you can find her blog here. Our previous common article had the title “The best from both worlds – Office Apps & Services and BizApps combined”. Our different worlds are colliding for sure and today we will look at examples of how the boundaries have been blurred.

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Bye bye CDS and Project Oakdale, hello Microsoft Dataverse and Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

Microsoft Dataverse, former Common Data Service (CDS), is the data source we have as back-end for our model-driven Power Apps and in some cases also for our Canvas Power Apps. Wait a minute, former CDS? Let’s take a step back and talk about CDS. CDS has been our cloud version of xRM, our database in the cloud, the home of our entities (tables nowadays – read on and you’ll get it) but also much more than that. Security management, different techniques for creating business logic and data import are some concepts which have been included too.

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Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Last week me and my community friend MVP Amanda Sterner gave some PRE Ignite 2020 tips. The week is now coming to an end and it is time for me to write a POST Ignite article in which I will summarize how I experienced this week. Since I am particularly interested in all things Power Platform, most of the Ignite sessions that caught my attention had some kind of Power Platform part in it. However, no surprises there, just as expected Microsoft Teams was a huge part of Microsoft Ignite, also in the Power Platform related sessions. By now you probably have heard of Microsoft Teams ❤ Power Platform.  

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The best from both worlds – Office Apps & Services and BizApps combined

One of the things I really like with community is how you come in contact with people who are equally passionate about technology, helping others and learning together as yourself. I have teamed up with Office Apps & Services MVP Amanda Sterner (her blog and Twitter) who specialized in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 and collaboration and we have had a pre Ingite chat. Exciting times sure are ahead of us, with Project Oakdale around the corner and Microsoft Ignite just a few days away. This is the first article we do together and the plan is that more articles are to come!

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