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My journey and people who have inspired me along the way

From time to time people in the community give shout outs to each other. Sometimes it is a single tweet telling how a video or an article helped them, sometimes it is like a chain letter with people tagging each other. Those chain letters do not tell the stories behind why someone inspired you. I prefer stories and this is my story. For me, everything began with small seeds of inspiration, which got planted in my mind when reading and getting help from one blog post at a time. Many seeds were planted a whole decade ago, before I started to create any community content myself. Apparently, it can take time to grow.

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Power Platform 2021 Release Wave 2 Highlights

Excitement is in the air, we’re moving towards something new. Like a newborn turtle moving towards the waves. This week the 2021 Release Wave 2 Release Plans were made available and we have new features as well as lots of improvements to look forward to! This blog post contains highlights from a few different perspectives. Somehow all of them are from my own perspective off course. After all, this blog post is written by me and I have my experience and areas that I like a little bit more to read about. But I’ve also chosen to split up this blog post into different sections, depending on who will benefit from the different new features.

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Microsoft Build 2021 – 10 highlights from a Power Platform perspective

This week Microsoft Build was held and as usual there were lots of announcements. Some completely new features and glimpses of the future were introduced as well as some concepts that are being rebranded and “upgraded” to new levels. In this blog post I will share some highlights that I picked up. This is all from my own perspective, do read the MS Build BOOK OF NEWS. Throughout this post I will also give my tips about sessions to watch on-demand and Microsoft articles to dig into.

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Fusion Teams, multiple hats and future possibilities

What are Fusion Teams? What are the future possibilities for pro developers working with low-code platforms such as Power Platform? What are the future possibilities for a Power Platform consultant as concepts like CoE Starter Kit are introduced and organizations are starting to embrace the citizen developer approach and build more solutions themselves? Lately, people in the community have shared their thoughts about the low-code movement and reading other people’s thoughts has made me think a lot about it too.

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Let a book be your guide to the low-code aspects of Power Platform

As mentioned in my previous blog post, for some time ago an opportunity came up to do a review of a new book written by MVP Julian Sharp. I took this opportunity, reviewed the book and scheduled for the exam. I passed it and all of a sudden I had inspiration for writing about Microsoft Certifications. Both in general, take a look at this blog post, and PL-200 in particular, which I wrote about in my previous blog post.

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Preparing for PL-200 Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant

In my previous blog post I shared some experience from taking Microsoft certifications. In that blog post I mentioned that for some time ago an opportunity came up to do a review of a new book written by MVP Julian Sharp. This is the book: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant: PL-200 Exam Guide: Learn how to customize and configure Microsoft Power Platform and prepare for the PL-200 exam. Since I like to learn by reading (in combination with trying out new things myself) and since I had in my plan to take the PL-200 exam, I thought why not take this opportunity, review the book and schedule for the exam. So I did and I passed the exam. In this blog post I will let you in on how this exam was for me.

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Microsoft Power Platform Certifications Dos and Don’ts

For some time ago an opportunity came up to do a review of a new book written by MVP Julian Sharp. I took that opportunity and lots of good things came with it – one thing being inspiration for writing new blog posts. I will dedicate a whole future blog post to Julian’s book – stay tuned! Until then, I’ll tell you a bit about my experience from taking Microsoft certification exams. I have taken a few exams over the years. I am far from being a collector of Power Platform Certifications, but recently I took one (thanks to Julian I scheduled for the exam PL-200) and I consider that as a start. In the end of this blog post you’ll find information about my exam history. More importantly, here follows a vocabulary as well as some dos and don’ts from my perspective. This includes what certification exams to take, how to best prepare for exams and things you want to avoid.

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Microsoft Ignite highlights

This week the virtual event Microsoft Ignite was held. During Ignite we can expect announcements, demos and customer stories being told. I watched a few sessions and some of my colleagues wondered if I would write a summary about it so I thought I will do just that. In this blog post I will summarize the highlights for Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

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Coming together for Jonas Rapp!

In the latest episode of XrmToolCast, me and my fellow MVPs Gustaf Westerlund and Benedikt Bergmann come together with Daryl as Daryl’s guests, in order to do something for MVP Jonas Rapp, who is currently hospitalized. We talk about what has happened and we encourage the listeners to show their support (and appreciation) to Jonas by making a donation to his FetchXML Builder PayPal account. Jonas has helped so many people and has always been highly appreciated by me. It is time to show our support to Jonas!

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Introducing Power Wiki!

Today Power Wiki was launched. 🚀 What is Power Wiki? Power Wiki combines sources for Power Platform related content from Microsoft and from the Community. Search for a topic, get a quick overview and find out where you can go to get more inspiration and find the answers you need. Use the categories in order to find content relevant for you. Point your Power Platform newbie friends to the Glossary. Go to the xRM page and get nostalgic. ✨

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